Onevape AirMod 60 Kit Review

The Onevape AirMod 60 Kit is a small and lightweight device. It is designed for MTL and DTL vaping. The Onevape AirMod 60 Kit uses a 1500 mAh Built-in battery with a maximum wattage up to 60W. It utilizes 2ml pods containing two coils and a bottom filling system. You can recharge it via the Type-C port. The Onevape AirMod 60 Kit is draw-activated, which is pretty easy to operate. Thanks Newvaping for giving me this device for review.

Onevape AirMod 60 Kit

Onevape AirMod 60 Kit Specifications:

Dimensions: 97.6mm x 52.5mm x12.9mm

Battery: 1500 mAh ( Built-in )

Wattage output: 5-60W

Pod capacity: 6ml(standard) / 2ml(TPD)

Coil resistance:

How to Choose a Qualified CNC Machining Manufacturer

When it comes to deciding which CNC manufacturer to cooperate with, several factors should be kept in mind.

After a company decides to fabricate their products through CNC manufacturing, the following arduous task would be choosing a suitable CNC machining manufacturer that it will be working with. When it comes to deciding which CNC manufacturer to cooperate with, several factors should be kept in mind.

Product Quality

The ability to manufacture high-quality products is one of the most cardinal aspects of a qualified CNC manufacturer. To examine the quality of products produced by a CNC machine manufacturer, the customers can take a look at the samples of such a manufacturer’s previous works. Furthermore, the customers should also request the manufacturer to make a prototype of the intended product and scrutinize the quality of the prototype before actually choosing the supplier. Another right way to investigate the quality of a manufacturer’s products is by contacting the manufacturer’s previous clients. See what they think about the manufacturer and whether their expectations were met.

Machine Quality Control

In addition to the quality of the final products, the quality control procedures taken by the CNC machine manufacturers are also necessary. A qualified CNC machine manufacturer would inform its customers about its failure rates and measures they have made to control the errors. Additionally, quality controls include measuring and testing of the machines. Customers can also ask the machine manufacturers to provide material reports, testing reports, and other documents that can verify the supplier’s quality control.

CNC Machining vs. Injection Molding

CNC machining is a type of manufacturing process that obtains the intended product by shaving off layers from a block of material. Another producing process, injection molding, is a kind of process that acquires the desired parts by injecting materials into the mold that is made ahead of time and ejecting the product after it is cooled off.

Before choosing between CNC Machining and Injection Molding, one needs to consider different characteristics of their products.

Volume and Speed

The products’ volume is essential when it comes to the speed of producing the intended products. When the desired parts’ volume is low, CNC machining would be faster. The time it takes to make a mold before injection molding begins is extremely time-consuming as it can take weeks or even months. Consequently, if only a small amount of products are in need to be made within a short period of time, it would be wise to go for CNC machining.

However, for injection molding, once the mold is made, it takes no time to finish the following process of injection and ejection. Therefore, if someone wants to make a large batch of products with ample time, injection molding can be a good option.

5 Best Vapor Devices 2018

With so many vapes on the market, you should check these 5 babies out first

Pod vapes are pocket-friendly, easy to use and cheaper than traditional cigarettes, so many smokers are looking for pod vapes with which they can relax whenever and wherever they want. But with so many different products and brands available on the market, finding the best vape that is suitable for you can be difficult.

If you are one of the smokers who are on the hunt for a device that can offer a top-notch smoking satisfaction, here is a list of the 5 best pod vapes of 2018.

Juul Starter Kit

Dubbed the “Apple of vaping”, Juul has captured a large amount of market share. As one of its series, The Juul Starter Kit has become a favorite among E-cig starters.

The Juul Starter Kit four flavors: Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Golden Tobacco and Glacier Mint in 5% nicotine strength. This small vape pen is designed in the simplest way, without any buttons or switches, which makes it very easy to use.

In terms of battery, The Juul Starter Kit takes only 45-60 minutes to fully charge, and you are likely to charge it once a day. If you want to check the battery life, you can simply double tap the small LED that can indicate the battery life with flashing colors: green for a high level, yellow for a medium level, and red for running out of power.

In addition, the Juul Starter Kit uses temperature control, which avoids producing smoke that is too hot for your mouth. And with the company’s patented JuulSalts approach to nicotine delivery, it is able to provide a nicotine hit that’s really similar to smoking a cigarette.

MyBlu Starter Kit

The MyBlu is a new pod vape and it goes for easy flavor changes and hassle-free. It is sturdy, lightweight and slightly larger than a JUUL. It also looks like a USB flash drive, so it’s still small enough and easy to hold, allowing vapor satisfaction in a compact design.

It comes with a user manual, a micro USB charger, a 350 mAh battery that charges quickly and a Gold Leaf 1.5 milliliter liquid pod. The Gold Leaf Tobacco is impressive. If you are not a fan of tobacco flavors, you might want to try this one because the inhale is sweet. The throat hit is great, and the exhale is also creamy like tobacco.

When it comes to flavors, the new MyBlu has been improved over the old version. These new pods use a new e-liquid solution to make the throat hit more substantial. The airflow is tight and restricted, which allows a mouth to lung satisfaction like a real traditional cigarette. In addition, its 1-click liquid pods let you switch flavors just in seconds.

DOT Vape Kit

The DOT Vape Kit has a compact and stylish design. It’s really a lightweight device, but it seems quite durable.

One of the great features is that there are no buttons on the device because it is activated by drawing on the mouth piece. The tiny light on the body will be on while you are inhaling. Pod-switching is very easy too. They can just slide into the top of the battery and are held in place by the strong magnetic connection. Therefore, if you are looking for a really easy-to-use vape device, the DOT Vape Kit is definitely the best option.

The best part is the latest technology that this device is using. The DOT Vape Kit features the new FEELM technology. This new vaping technology, which has won the Golden Leaf Award in the Most Exciting Newcomer of the Industry Category, features a special ceramic cube with an integrated flat metal film, ensuring instant vapor production and true flavor. The FEELM technology is able to completely vaporizes every drop of E-liquid, resulting in richer vapor and smoother throat hit and providing a satisfying vape.

Video Games and Instagram, The FDA's Newest and Ironic Anti-Vape Tools for Teens

Tuesday, The FDA launched an anti-vaping campaign similar to the all-too-familiar anti-smoking promotions of old. ‘The Genuine Cost’ is the long-standing tobacco consciousness program by the federal agency. But, around this week, their materials include targeted messages about the hazards of vapes as well. The agency runs on the browser-based video game and Instagram advertisings to attain a teenage audience, that i find ironic to go over addictive substances. I took a glance at some of these materials to observe how the rhetoric is utilized.

Celebrities Tapped to Sell The Cool of Vaping

Over the last decade, e-cigarette use, called vaping, has risen drastically over the US. There happen to be arguments from advocates and detractors as well about the potential effects of vaping versus cigarette smoking combustible tobacco smoking cigarettes. Vaping includes a relatively short record when compared to long and sordid report of the rise and fall of cigarette smoking hype. But, vaping - like smoking - is subject to similar scrutiny about its efficacy as a cessation instrument and its chemical composition, among different variables. Regardless of the position of a particular study, governing physique, or outspoken party, a very important factor about vaping remains exactly like its paper counterpart: Celebrities are often hired to advertise its appeal.

What’s in Your Vape Stash?

Have you ever pointed out that vapers have a whole lot of extra bits lying around?

If you are a RDA user and you are into construction your own coils, you then probably have portions and partial spools of most different thickness of wires. You are also likely to have numerous batches of cotton, most likely even different brands. Rather than to say the needed tools, for instance a couple of tiny little screwdrivers, wire cutters and of course your favorite drill. Various coil builders have kits to keep everything together and work with an OHMs tester to make certain their coils are developing as planned.

Typhon by Hydra Charging Circumstance for Juul

Is it For You?

So, will there be anyone out now there that does not only love the thought of having the capacity to charge your device as you go? After all all devices, your cell phone, tablet, laptop and also your vape and e-cigarette. How great is that idea?

Privately, I love the thought of certainly not being tethered to a power outlet.

E-Clipse Dry out Herb Vape Review, Purchase or Pass

Perhaps you have seen the E-clipse dried out herb vaporizer?

Dry out herb vaporizers are continuing to gain popularity for his or her design and simplicity. They provide users and possibility to burn herbs in contained chambers and inhale the vapor.

My spouse and i was sent the E-clipse kit, which include everything you need to begin with in dry out herb vaping, with the exception of the herb. The system includes these devices, replacement O-rings, a cleaning brush, a scraping device, a USB charger and two distinct mouthpieces.

Best Disposable E-Cigarettes 2018

What is a disposable e-cig?

Disposables are a kind of electronic cigarette that are pre-filled with nicotine e-juice. They are usually draw-activated, meaning that you don’t need to press a key every time you have a puff. Simply put the mouthpiece in your mouth and start inhaling. Many disposable e-cigs could have a hint that lighting up when you’re going for a puff, letting you know that it’s activated and mimicking the burnt end of a normal cigarette.

Davinci Miqro and IQ Analysis Pure Awesomeness

Davinci. That one word. Let me just say…

I was blown away.

As soon as you start the box, Davinci goods just wow. I was delivered the Davinci IQ and the Davinci Miqro. We begins with reviewing the Davinci IQ.

Best Organic and natural CBD Vape Essential oil and E-Juice 2018

Why vape organic and natural CBD oil?

The all-natural, organic style that is so popular in the food world has finally made it’s way to the world of CBD. As people are becoming more alert to what they placed into their bodies, they happen to be needs to expect that corporations can make more of an attempt to create items that don’t comprise any artificial additives.

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