Davinci Miqro and IQ Analysis Pure Awesomeness

Davinci. That one word. Let me just say…

I was blown away.

As soon as you start the box, Davinci goods just wow. I was delivered the Davinci IQ and the Davinci Miqro. We begins with reviewing the Davinci IQ.

Davinci IQ Review

It will come in three shades, gunmetal, stealth and blue. I was sent the blue and it’s an incredible, shiny ice blue. Just gorgeous. Davinci IQ is little, slick and fits very well into the hand. It’s certainly not bulky or heavy, even with a single 18650 battery inside. It’s acquired an excellent design.

Today, why do I like the Davinci IQ?

It’s fun to employ, it’s got 51 integrated LED lights and a good vibration feature to obtain your settings proper. And, in the event that you don’t want lighting, or want to be more discreet, Davinci IQ possesses stealth mode.


And when I mean get your settings best suited, I mean you may fine-tune the Davinci IQ. With a temperature range between 250 to 430 degrees, you may get the Davinci IQ arranged right at where ever you need that ever dried out herb you are using. If you are new to dried out herb vaporizers, I advise an search on the internet and a small amount of research, followed by learning from your errors to find your preferred heat range range.

Davinci has a “elevated purity levels for flavour” with the built-in mouthpiece. Going to describe a “100% ceramic zirconia air route and only the best quality supplies, the mouthpiece allows an individual to acquire the purest flavour you’ll ever taste from a vaporizer.” Given that may appear to be a couple of fancy words to you, but I will let you know, the flavour from the Davinci IQ is normally pure. It really hits the mark.

Davinci IQ also offers three modes, to essentially personalize the dry out herb vaporizer experience: Wise Path, Precision and Increase modes. Dry out herb vaporizers sometimes don’t offer various personalization features beyond temperatures control, however the Davinci IQ could be tailored proper to your needs.

Now most dry herb vaporizers have built-in rechargeable batteries. The Davinci IQ offers you a removable, battery, which you can transformation as needed. Also you can keep a billed back up, and that means you are never without.

Again, excellent design. Also to top everything off?

There’s an app to really make Davinci IQ your own. With Bluetooth integrated iPhone app you do keep an eye on and control your Davinci IQ and use the app to turn it on and off. Seriously, how nice is that?

Now, let’s talk price. Davinci IQ markets for $274.99. Does you just gulp? I did so when I observed that, but you get everything and then some with Davinci IQ (minus your dry herb of training course). You receive your charging cable connection, a chimney brush, a keychain software, a bring can, a 10 mm adaptor and even alcohol wipes to maintain it clean.

Really, I’ve tried several dry herb vaporizers and I was majorly impressed with Davinci IQ. It wows you before you possibly take it from the box and the knowledge just gets better.

Davinci Miqro Review

Alright, let’s speak about Davinci Miqro. Once again, freaking wow. Best suited out of the box.

Davinci Miqro comes in five colours: Onyx, Graphite, Cobalt, Rust and Amethyst. I was dispatched the Amethyst. I’m incredibly partial to purple and Davinci Miqro can be Amethyst is merely amazing. It’s a bold, shiny purple and I was marketed when I opened the container. Just wow.

Nowadays, the Davinci Miqro is normally a little guy that packs a punch. Bit of, as in you can wrap all of your side around it, which is great if you need something small. Davinci Miqro also has a removable 18650 electric battery, in order to stay billed at all times and as a consumer, you have to love that. Nothing like sitting down together with your vape or dried out herb vaporizer and selecting you battery dead.

Davinci Miqro also offers a pure flavour and comes with an all ceramic airflow.

Davinci Miqro also offers three modes, Good Path mode has four heating settings, precision method to heat it again to a specific temperatures between 350 and 430 degrees and boost method which heats to the max heat range. Best benefit? Davinci Miqro heats to the required temperature in 39 seconds.

39 seconds? Does I examine that right?

Yes you did.

Davinci Miqro comes with an awesome little design.

Let’s talk selling price. The Davinci Miqro sells for $199.99. I admit, I gulped at that one too. But, let me tell you what you’re having: a charging cable, a protracted mouthpiece, a grinder coil, an extr- large carrying can, a carrying case, an accessory package and a Miqro glove. Discuss everything you need! Oh, an only an added little thing that I enjoy as a client, the holding cans that include both Davinci Miqro and the Davinci IQ meet these devices in color and shine.

Davinci IQ vs. Davinci Miqro

Now, let me tell you a little about both the Davinci IQ and the Davinci Miqro.

They both have the Pearl. It’s a zirconium insulated spacer, which is definitely adjustable, to get just the right sum of airflow through the dried out herb vaporizer. In addition, both the Davinci IQ and Davinci Miqro possess a removable section, so you can really enter it and obtain it cleaned. Amazingly awesome style.

I just was seriously impressed with Davinci and both design and style of the IQ and the Miqro. Both measure and while expensive, I think both are worthwhile the bucks. I admit I’m cheap naturally and don’t prefer to drop a lot more than necessary, but Davinci really makes it worth it.

If you’re searching for a dry herb vaporizer, have a look at either the Davinci IQ or Davinci Miqro. They are both well-crafted, power packed, compact gadgets. I anticipate seeing more from Davinci. The best place to choose the Davinci IQ and the Davinci Miqro is normally directly from the manufacturer.

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