Typhon by Hydra Charging Circumstance for Juul

Is it For You?

So, will there be anyone out now there that does not only love the thought of having the capacity to charge your device as you go? After all all devices, your cell phone, tablet, laptop and also your vape and e-cigarette. How great is that idea?

Privately, I love the thought of certainly not being tethered to a power outlet.

I was sent a Typhon charging circumstance for Pax Juul (the most popular e-cigs on the globe) by Hydra and I must show you that I like the design, apart from the size. The magnetic starting is streamlined and smooth, which makes the almost seem to be space-age. The case allows room to put your Juul and a supplementary Juul pod.

In addition, the very idea that the charging circumstance opens and closes it pretty awesome since it keeps the Juul tidy when it isn’t being used.

The theory is that you utilize the included USB cord to charge the case. And, once the circumstance is charged, you can use it to charge your Juul if you want to. This is made to save you from needing to scramble to get a clear USB port to fee your Juul.

So, if you’re a Juul customer your biggest query is probably the obvious one: Does it job? Does indeed the Typhon charging circumstance for Pax Juul by Hydra charge the Juul?


Will it do it all quickly?

Pretty quickly yes!

Does it fee it quicker than simply plugging the Juul in to the USB interface and skipping the case entirely? Not necessarily, but then again, that is not what it’s meant to do.

Plugging in this little device, it likely to take about 45 to one hour to fee, which isn’t too negative all things considered. At least that’s what it had been taking for me.

So, now you possess a charged charging case (sounds a little funny now there doesn’t it?) and you will need to charge your Juul, and that means you pop the Juul in to the charging case and you will be off! You could have your Juul out with you, in your pocket or purse, charging apart until you will be ready to use it.

And how extended does it have for the Typhon charging circumstance for Pax Juul to demand the Juul? Roughly one hour.

So, say you must go to an appointment and you understand you have a commute to the appointment, enough time of the appointment and different time which will be consumed with items that you won’t appearing making use of your Juul during. That might be a perfect possibility to pop the Juul in to the Typhon by Hydra charging circumstance.

You don’t need to worry about plugging it in to the USB in a hot car or perhaps anything like that.

And, check it out, you get around three full expenses on the Juul before having to charge the case once again, or at least that was my knowledge.

Big bonus there.

I’ve only used lightweight chargers before for my cellular phone and We haven’t been impressed. It seemed like I was definitely having to demand the dang charger and it had been never all set when I had a need to work with it. To let you know the truth, I’ve used a couple different types, found both to be just a discomfort in the butt in terms of my cellphone and I’ve scrapped employing either.

If it’s more soreness than gain, I can let you know that I’m just likely to chuck it in the bucket and claim screw it. That’s why I was very happy to locate that I did not want to charge the Typhon charging case for Pax Juul constantly.

Now, earlier We mentioned that I had not been a big fan of how big is this charger. Let me explain, it honestly could have been hard for Hydra to contain made it any smaller, given how big is the Juul. My problem with the size originates from trying to transport the Typhon charging case by Hydra around.

In terms of purses, I’m a large bag sort of girl, but that big bag usually includes a good amount of junk in it. And the Typhon charging circumstance by Hydra was big and heavy in my purse.

Truthfully, the Typhon charging case by simply Hydra is too large to be toting it around in your pocket, if you don’t have some genuinely big jacket pockets or something. Total, it’s not a bad size but it seems a whole lot bigger while you are trying to find a spot to put it to make it a far more mobile charging device.

Now, on to the every essential issue of price.

The Typhon charging case by Hydra sells for $60 directly from the manufacturer. Nowadays, as a vaper, if I was going to shell out $60 for something, I will look at how much I will use this and just how much a gain this is going to become to me.

If you are somebody who only runs on the Juul periodically, or as a backup, then, as the Typhon charging circumstance by Hydra is pretty awesome, it’s probably not worth your 60 dollars.

But, in case you are a person who can’t live without your Juul, i quickly would say do it now. You get multiple charges to your Juul with only 1 fee on the Typhon by Hydra charging case, which to me contributes up to an advantage.

You can carry and charge with you, and that means you should never be without your Juul, again, another plus. If the Juul is definitely your thing, then the Typhon by Hydra charging case ought to be your charger. Check it out, I don’t believe you will end up disappointed.

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