Best Vape Tank in the UK Dovpo Blotto RTA Review

Tanks are the component of your vaping device, or rig which includes a reservoir to hold vape juice and also a coil to fire to create the vapor. However, not all vape tanks are the same. Yes, they may share similarities but there are some differences between the type of vaping experience you’ll get, their level of power, and the amount of e-liquid each one can contain.

So, to have an amazing vaping experience, you’ll have to go for the best on the market.

Introduction of the Blotto Rebuildable RTA Tank

The Blotto rebuildable Tank is the latest vape DIY tank on the market. It is an aesthetically designed RTA that delivers a restricted lung hit with lots of flavors.

This unique feature-packed RTA uses two-terminal build decks that can accommodate 2ml standard e-liquid capacity, both single and dual coil builds and an impressive 6ml max e-liquid capacity with the use of a bubble glass section.

Moreover, the Blotto RTA vape tank uses dual diffusion airflow for a smooth draw. It has a bottom-fed airflow with honeycomb-style holes. The air comes through the bottom of the deck and around the sides, giving you up to 242o hitting your coils.

Furthermore, its base is 25.6mm while the chimney is 19mm. There is a gradual dome at the top that goes down to 8mm. Usually; it comes with a unique two-piece drip tip with a metal band that matches the color of the RTA. These drip tips are not antimicrobial and they come in frosted or UItem.

Subsequently, the Blotto RTA vape is straightforward and easy to use. Its quick-release fill cap requires just a quarter turn to open or close. The knurling is aesthetically designed and looks like a bottle cap. There is also another knurling on the airflow ring to match.

Building and Wicking of the Blotto Tank

If you want to wick this RTA for to enjoy a moist flavorful vape that will keep up without having dry hits, make sure you don’t have your cotton too tight.

This amazing Blotto atomizer has a floating deck. This means that you can typically cut your cotton so it covers the juice feed holes and wick nicely. However, one problem that comes with this method is that if you bump it around or drop it, it might begin to leak. Ensure to cut it long enough so you can easily tuck the ends into the holes and have it hanging just about one millimeter or two through the bottom. That way, it would stay and not leak.

More so, because the juice feed holes are decently sized and allow good capillary action through the wicks, you’ll be able to wick it in little or no time.

Blotto RTA Review

The Blotto RTA vape tank will make an excellent choice if you want to have an awesome vaping experience. It has a great flavor, great build quality, high liquid capacity, smooth and quiet restricted lung hit, and a quick-release fill cap to mention but a few. Vaping just got better!

Q&A of the Dovpo Blotto RTA

  1. What is RTA in Vaping?

RTA Vaping stands simply for Rebuildable Atomizer. The significant difference between RTA vaping and RDA atomizers is that RTAs have a tank that holds your e-juice.

  1. Is RTA better than sub Ohm Tank?

RTAs have a number of advantages over other types of tanks and atomizers. Compared to sub ohm tanks with replaceable coils, an RTA will generally perform on a higher level. It will also provide a much more enjoyable vaping experience, while saving money on coil purchases.

  1. Does RTA have better flavor?

The answer is yes. You will get much better flavor from yourvape juice and much bigger vapor.

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