How to Clean Smok Stick V8?

How to Clean Smok Stick V8?

Proper maintenance and cleaning is key to enjoying the overall performance and functionality of your UK SMOK Stick V8. Whether you like vaping just a type of flavor or you prefer rotating several flavors throughout your tank, whichever the case, it’s always essential that you clean your tank properly and regularly.

One of the most significant but undervalued reasons you need properly and regularly clean your SMOK Stick V8 tank is to clean out the germs or pocket lint that might have snuck in the tank. Mouths are one of the dirtiest parts of the body, and expectedly, we accidentally drip some spit into the tank when we are having our nice vaping leisure.

Besides, have you ever thought of all the bits of pocket-paraphernalia that might have made an escape into the tank and, of course, into the e-juice? That’s more than a prediction. A dirty tank can result in diminished flavor production, poor atomizer performance, reduced air circulation, burnt taste, and so on.

Hence, let’s take a look at some step by step maintenance tips that will help your SMOK Stick V8 perform at its best potential and give you a maximum vaping experience.

The cleaning items you will need include:

· Replacement Coil

· Vodka (Optional)

· Warm Water

· Cloth/Paper Towels

· Cotton Swabs/Toothbrush (Optional)

Step 1

Get rid of every bit of the e-juice you can find inside the SMOK Stick V8 tank. After you might have emptied the tank, you can proceed to disassemble the tank. If you perceive that your coil is old, throw it away. Start placing each piece of the tank into a clean bowl that contains a reasonable amount of war water. If it’s been a long time you did the last cleaning, you can add a small amount of hand soap to improve the cleaning power. Stir every piece of the tank around with your finger to ensure that the warm water and the soap touch every part of the tank.

Step 2

Fill up another bowl with the same amount of water or vodka and start transferring the tank’s pieces into the vodka solution. Note that if you apply hand soap in step 1, you would have to rinse the soap off the pieces before putting them in the vodka solution. Allow the tank to stay for at least five minutes in the vodka solution to ensure thorough disinfection. The vodka solution will help to add extra shine to the stainless steel part of the tank.

Step 3

Rinse the tank pieces one last time to get rid of any residual alcohol in the tank. After that, use a toothbrush or a cotton swab to clean the threaded part of the tank. When the thread looks clean, use either cloth or paper towel to dry off each piece of the tank separately.

Step 4

When your SMOK Stick V8 tank is completely dry, install a new coil, reassemble and fill the tank.

Final Thoughts

How often you will clean your SMOK stick V8 depends on frequent you use it. Although it is advisable to make you clean your device every day before use, you may decide to set aside a day every week to deep clean your device to enjoy a better vaping experience.


  1. What are vape mod kits?

    Kits contain a mod, tank, coils and replacement parts. To get vaping, you need to add some juice and a battery.

  2. What are vape mods used for?

    Vape Mods are larger devices than e-cigarettes with high vapor production and certain advanced features.

  3. What’s the difference between a mod and a pod?

    Mod systems have far more advanced features, offering higher wattage, better firing power, more temperature control than pods. They also provide more flavor and puff, and larger vape clouds than a pod could.

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